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Using Your Vote Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Posted by Administrator 2 in Advices.

Below are some guidelines extracted from ‘Three Electoral Comittments Every Muslim Should Make’ by our respected Shaykh hafizahullah.
Courtesy Islamic Da’wah Academy

“1. The vote is very important. It is a means of electing the person most beneficial for the community and our country.

2. Voting is a big responsibility. Not voting or voting incorrectly will bring power to the wrong person.

3. The best candidate deserves our vote.

4. We should become politically aware.

5. We should read every party’s manifesto.

6. We should study party policies via the internet, radio, newspapers and refer to knowledgeable people in our communities, who possess political acumen.

7. We should find out which party offers us the best in all spheres of life: education, housing, health, social issues, foreign policy etc. Deciding on a party by just looking at one issue does not constitute farsightedness.

8. We should think rationally and not make judgements based on emotions.

9. Finally, we should make du‘ā to Allāh ta‘ālā, asking Him to enable us to make the right choice and that He grants success to those who will serve the country and its citizens without any prejudice or wrong.”


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