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Every Sin Carries the Effects of Disbelief Monday, November 18, 2013

Posted by Administrator 2 in #ABS.

“Our scholars and pious predecessors have noted that every disobedience of Allah ta’ala carries within itself the taint of kufr (disbelief) to some degree. This is why one who is constantly involved in sins is considered to be endangering his imān.

A flagrant sinner will be disinclined to repent, and may eventually land himself in destruction by beginning to question faith, and eventually denounce faith in Allah ta’ala altogether (may Allah ta’ala protect us).”


1. Ummi Taalib - Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So many sins we do not even regard as sins. This one post alone should be enough to stop us from committing sins. May Allah ta’ala safeguard us all from all sins.

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