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Concealment of faults; a Ni’mah from Allah Monday, March 18, 2013

Posted by Administrator 2 in #ABS.

“Many a times we commit a sin and thereafter without any hesitation disclose this sin to others.This is a very shameful act for the person is removing the veil that Allah had concealed him with. When one commits a sin secretly in privacy then this is also a Ni’mah from Allah.

The sin itself is not a Ni’mah, but being concealed at the time of sinning is a very great Ni’mah of Allah. Therefore one should be grateful to Allah for this Ni’mah and never disclose one’s sins. One should rather repent and ask forgiveness from Allah.

On the day of judgement, a person will be brought forward in the Court of Allah and reminded of the sins he committed in the world, which he will accept. Thereafter Allah Ta’aalaa will ask him if anyone was ever made aware of his sins while living in the world.

He will reply in the negative. Allah Ta’aalaa will say that even today nobody will know your wrongdoings. He will be forgiven and granted entry into Jannah.”


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