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Valuing Ramaḍhān Monday, July 23, 2012

Posted by Administrator 2 in #ABS, Advices.

“The blessed month of Ramaḍhān is a month of blessings, mercy and forgiveness. This sacred month will pass without us realising what valuable and precious moments were wasted. What has gone cannot come back, and what has been lost cannot be re-acquired. For one who wishes to acquire the pleasure of Allāh ta’ala, even one moment is sufficient.

Rasūlullāh sallalhu alayhi wasallam  has said in a ḥadīth that Ramaḍhān is a month the beginning of which is mercy, the middle of which is forgiveness and the end of which is deliverance from the Fire of Jahannam.

From the first of Ramaḍhān, the Mercy of Allāh ta’ala descends upon those very pious servants who have no sins in their balance of deeds. As far as the sinners are concerned, they are of two types: sinners of a lesser degree, and those who are so filthy that were they to die in their present condition they would go straight into the Fire of Jahannam.

Allāh ta’ala watches over them and at the end of the first ten days, upon seeing their hard work and effort, Allāh ta’ala showers His forgiveness upon those who are sinners of a lesser degree, and for those filthy with sins, upon whom Jahannam was wājib (incumbent), Allāh ta’ala expects them to work hard for twenty days.

If they are able to do this, then after the second part of Ramaḍhān ends Allāh ta’ala’s forgiveness enshrouds them and they are granted deliverance from the Fire of Jahannam. How merciful Allāh ta’ala is!

We ask Allāh ta’ala that He grant us Jannah-al-Firdows with His eternal Pleasure and save us from the Fire of Jahannam. Āmīn”


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